Pneumatic Clutch & Brake

Price starts at US$200

PCB Series Pneumatic Clutch & Brake Combination

Jeyson’s PCB Series Pneumatic Clutch/Brake Combination consists of air-actuated clutch and spring applied brake. Its compact and simple design combined with its high thermal capacity and low air consumption makes it ideal for today’s high-speed, high-cyclic, heavy-duty industrial applications.

Three different types of disc attachments allow five possible standard mounting arrangements. We can also provide customer specific attachments.

The operation is very simple. When the cylinder is pressured by compressed air, the piston clamps the clutch disc to the hub, which transmits the driving member torque to the driven shaft. When the cylinder exhausts, the spring’s move back the piston and instant brake is applied, stopping the driven shaft. Overlapping cannot occur between clutching and braking operation. Efficient cooling permits a stable co-efficient of friction resulting in reproducible torque control. Minimal torque loss combined with generous long-life asbestos free friction lining results in lower operating and maintenance costs.

PCB Units are available in 12 standard sizes with clutch torque from 25Kgm (250Nm) to 5000Kgm (50000 Nm) and brake torque range from 15Kgm (150Nm) to 3000Kgm (30000 Nm)

• Automatic Punching Machines
• Press Brakes
• Printing Machines
• Shears
• Stamping and Forming Presses
• Woodworking Machines

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