Jeysons Industries
is in the business of manufacturing 

highly reliable and technically superior industrial clutches & brakes and other power transmission products; providing strong engineering and technical support to clients interested in increasing their competitiveness and productivity in the ever-changing global market.
Our Vision

To continually provide the best products & world class support to our customers by applying the highest standards of business processes which add value to our customers, suppliers and employees.

Our Mission

To become pioneer in Manufacturer of Industrial Clutches & Brakes and power transmission products by providing world-class quality and cost effective products to the world market. We will achieve this by offering an unparalleled level of service and commitment, which not only meets but exceeds our customer’s expectations and requirements.
Through partnerships we will develop Our people, Processes and Technology to excel in business performance.

Our philosophy

At Jeysons, our philosophy is KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid); we design and manufacture technically superior and competitively priced products. Our products are easy to use, have minimal downtime and lower operating & maintenance costs, while customers benefit from the highest level of customer satisfaction from us.


About us

Jeysons Industries launched its manufacturing operations in the year 2003. Suitably armed with an independent 4500 sq. ft. factory building, we work with a team of highly skilled professionals with 35 years of experience in the field of manufacturing precision engineering products and components for some of the most critical industries of the world. Our quality control department too is at par with international standards where all instruments, gauges, jig & fixtures and machines are periodically calibrated. Testing, Identification and Traceability from Raw Material to Finished Products are standard norms followed by us. Even bought out components are identified and tracked in our well equipped systems. We have delivered hundreds of industrial clutches & brakes and other products running continously in different industries without any problem till date. You may be surprised, but we have no spares business till date for our own products.

Thriving on Challenges

We are innovators thriving on challenges. We take pride in our shop floor that is fully equipped with all the facilities to execute any requients in the field of industrial clutches & brakes and precision engineering components. Our state-of-the-art facilities are in a continuous state of enhancement, while we redefine our methods and practices to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

An uncompromising focus on quality performance

Total quality management is the key that opens new doors, new opportunities for our customers. We succeed when each of us takes personal responsibility for being the best at his/her job and working together to meet our customers’ needs. Our people and operations adhere to engineering excellence at every stage; from logistics, through production to the supply processes, in the process equaling the highest international standards of quality assurance.

Our products are already field proven; 90% of our sales are from repeat customers and our products are running in 24×7 environments without breakdown or need for maintenance for years. All our products are backed by one year replacement warranty and 60 days no question ask money back guarantee policy.

Spectrum of Delight in Precision Making

Our high levels of expertise enable us to offer our customers an extensive array of production capabilities, from prototype to large batch productions. We relish our ability to respond rapidly and effectively to our customers’ needs. Through continuous innovation, we strive to be the pioneers in precision making equipment, while simultaneously growing profitably.

A Bright Future Together

At Jeysons, the emphasis is always on partnership, offering our clients the assurance of our world-class production systems. We can support your current, new and forthcoming requients – committing ourselves to your future… forging ahead together.

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