One Way Clutches

Price starts at US$150

One Way / Freewheels / Backstops / Indexing Clutch

Jeysons MOC Series One Way clutch have long product life and outstanding reliability combined with maintenance free operation.

These clutches are highly reliable, durable and trouble free one-way clutches designed to improve the productivity and safety of a wide range of industrial machineries.

The MOC Series are available in Roller and Sprag Model. They combine the technical excellence of Jeyson’s with outstanding performance and features including:

  • Maintenance free operation
  • Maximum torque in minimum space
  • An operating temperature range of -20 to +80°C
  • Long product life
  • Standard inventory for low cost and short delivery times
  • Lubricated by special high performance grease and are supplied “ready to use” and
  • Require little or no maintenance offering significant economies of time and labour.
  • Different mounting arrangements to suite your requirement.
  • Oil immersed sealed model available upon request.
  • Customer specified direction of rotation.
  • Available in non-bearing supported and bearing supported verions.

A broad operating temperature range
The lubricant used in MOC Series is special high-performance grease. It assures outstanding reliability over an ambient operating temperature range of -20 to +80°C.

Long product life
Jeysons expertise in precision manufacturing technology starts from careful selection of quality raw material, maintaining high dimensional accuracies; ultra-hard sprags and/or rollers provide extra long-life, maximum wear resistance and lower maintenance costs. The high performance grease used to lubricate the MOC Series also helps minimize the wear on each part and prolong its life.

Easy to use
MOC Series One-Way Clutches are supplied as integral systems with all components built in. They are ready to be used “as it is.”


  • Conveyer belts
  • Fans and Pumps
  • Wrapping machinery
  • Turntables for machine tools
  • Rolling mills
  • Rotary furnaces
  • Ventilators
  • Car washing systems
  • Roller coasters
  • High-voltage switchgear
  • Winches
  • Power station technology
  • Automotive industry
  • Coal crushing equipment
  • Print machinery
  • Forming machines
  • Belt conveyors and bucket elevators
  • Seed drilling machines
  • Silos
  • Engine test benches
  • Ball presses
  • Textile machines
  • Fitness equipment
  • Clay pigeon traps
  • Aerospace

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