revoseal System Vario

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Universal centering system

revoseal System Vario

At their ratings centering rings of gaskets of the same nominal width but different pressure stage merely vary in their outside diameter. The installation of non-corresponding dimensions may cause malfunctions and failures of gaskets. The Vario centering system avoids misapplication and at the same time reduces the number of gasket types to be available from stock and increases the system availability.

The variable centering system Vario of revoseal is the solution.

The form of the centering segments allows balancing for different outside diameters. There is no risk of confusion or getting off-centre. Time-consuming positioning by means of anti-fatigue shaft screws is no longer necessary.


  • Considerable reduction of type varieties
  • Accurate centering of the gasket
  • Considerable cost-savings in procurement and storage
  • Considerable cost-savings in procurement and storage
  • Easy assembly at using fatigue-shaft screws