Keyless Shaft Bushings

Keyless Shaft Bushings

Jeyson’s TC Series tooth clutches are available in air actuated & spring released and also spring engaged & air released models and have the following characteristics.

  • Torque range from 3 to 6779 Nm (20 – 60,000 in. lbs.) .
    Bore Size from 13 – 100mm (0.625 to 3.938 inches) .
  • Air engaged / spring released models.
    Single or Multi-position models.
  • Fast response time.
    Inch and Metric models available.
  • Variable mounting options on either the motor or driven shaft with a pulley, sprocket or flexible coupling on the pilot.


High Torque and No slip
Tooth engagement transmits higher torque to the size.
Transmitted Torque is Almost Constant
Being not affected by the mounting tolerance, the transmitted torque is almost constant regardless of the speed.
Easy Assembling
One-piece structure enables no need to align the center of the tooth after mounting.
Excellent Responsibility
As engagement or disengagement takes place instantaneously, the jump or damage of tooth does not happen, resulting in longer life.
High Speed Engagement
Air actuation realizes the engagement at higher speed than that of electric activation.
Usable at Wet or Dry Atmosphere


  • Accurate Positioning
  • Disconnect
  • Positive Drive
  • Reversing / Multi speed
  • Stopping / Holding
  • Printing Machines
  • Roll Drive
  • Coaters
  • Calendars
  • Paper Converting Machines
  • Packaging Machines
  • Can Forming Machines
  • General Laborsaving Machines

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