High Precision Speed Reducer

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Zero Backlash High Precision Ball Speed Reducer

Jeysons Industries is an all India distributor of Kamo Seiko, Japan.

Kamo Seiko offers Zero Backlash High Precision Ball Speed Reducer. A ball is an ultimate power transmission element.
It offers different series of Speed Reducer for different applications. JFR, BRE, BR, BBR and CBR. The ball speed reducer has following advantages:

Non Backlash
Many steel balls are employed to reduction portion instead of toothed wheels. Rolling contact due to preset pressure enables users to minimize amount of backlash.

Low Noise Level
There is only rolling ball noise due to the rolling contact of steel balls at all rotating members. There is no meshing or flexing gear noise at all. Therefore, The ball reducer is used for medical equipment, which requires quiet.

Compact & Simple
By integrating a reducer mechanism and an input / output part into the housing the unit is assembled to be compact size, and the reducer with the concentricity of the input / output has materialized no dead space installation.

Filling grease makes it possible to be free of maintenance procedures. The ball type speed reducer does not restrict mounting posture, and insures extensive freedom of designs.

Mounted to any motors
With simple flange arranged, it is possible to cope with any types of electric motors. We have instrument capable to instantly attach commercial stepping motor.

Nimble Action and High Efficiency
Like the case of ball type screw, rolling contact of balls enables users to extremely smooth actuation. Ball type speed reducer enables users to utilize any types of electric motors to the upmost capability.


  • Driving a pull up unit
  • Driving an index table
  • Driving a robot arm shaft
  • Driving a traveling shaft
  • Driving a belt conveyor
  • Driving a radar
  • Driving an AGV wheel
  • Driving a ball screw
  • ATC drive unit for machine tools
  • Driving a conveyor feed (CBR)
  • Index drive unit for inspection machines (CBR)
  • Driving a small-sized machine tool table (CBR)