High Precision Indexer

High Precision Indexer

Jeysons Industries is an all India distributor of Kamo Seiko, Japan.

Kamo Seiko offers Index Mechanism With Simple Structure, Driven With Strong Index Torque, Perfect Lock At Halt Position, No Free Position For Main Shaft And No Reverse With Excessive Load

Precision Operation Maintains Accurate Positioning
The TCG Gear system features an innovative ring gear and roller pinion technology that provides extremely accurate positioning. The Roller Pinion Gear system also offers backlash-free performance in both directions by maintaining opposing contact with two or more teeth at all times.

Patented Tooth Design Ensures Quiet Operation
The TCG Gear system system is designed with bearing supported rollers that move smoothly along the face of each tooth. This reduces the noise levels by eliminating tooth slap common to traditional gear systems and chain drives.

Solid and Segmented Ring Gears Provide Easy Integration and Unlimited Diameters
Kamo Seiko can provide solid ring gears up to one meter in diameter. Ring gears larger than this become segmented and can be virtually any diameter. Arc segments can also be provided.


  • Robotics
  • Index table
  • Device for driving a plurality of tables
  • Winding & Feeding
  • Device for driving radar, antenna, surveillance camera, observatory equipment
  • Pharma