Friction Clutch & Brake Combination

Air Engaged Friction Clutch-Brakes

Jeysons FCB series Clutch-Brakes are units combining a clutch with a brake and suitable to mount on an intermediate shaft.
Air pressure actuates clutches and brakes independently. When air is exhausted, return spring disengage clutches and brakes independently.
The Drive disc becomes input and the shaft output. At the clutch side, air is fed to air chamber and the disc of clutch moves axially, being pushed by air pressure, contacts with friction facing. At brake side, the piston with friction facing contacts with the disc of brake alike the clutch side.

Air Clutches are compact, easy to mount, easy to use and easy to maintain.

Torque Range: 20~270Nm


Most Suitable to Mount to Intermediate Shaft
FCB Series Clutch-Brakes are most suitable for mounting to intermediate shaft as being integrated structure.
Excellent Heat Dissipation
As the clutch-brakes have cooling fins on its disc, which dissipate generated heat efficiently and is suitable for use under severe conditions.
Easy Installation
FCB Series Clutch-Brakes are easy to mount on shaft and very easy to pipe and realize cost saving.
Long Life and Easy Maintenance
Clutches have high heat-dissipation capacity and longer life due to the thick friction facing.


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