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We are an exclusive Distributor of Revoseal, awesome gaskets in INDIA.

Metal flat profile gaskets with layers
revoseal Eco+
The ECO+ gasket consists of a solid stainless steel carrier, with a thin graphite layer on both sides. On the medium side, a resilient cog is embossed, which metallically seals on both sides of the flange. The resilient cog can balance forces caused by pressure and temperature fluctuations without being plastically deformed.

• Temperature: -200°C to +400°C
• Pressure range: from vacuum to 160 bar (900 lbs)
• Over-achieves TA-Luft and VDI 2290 in connection with a leakage check according to EN 1591-1 (also at using screws of minor quality)
• Standard material 1.4571 (additional materials on request)
• Total thickness 1.6 mm (+/- 0.1 mm)
• Fire Safe Certificate according to API 607 (also for PTFE) and blowout resistance according to VDI 2200
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