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Pnuematic Safety Chucks      
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Jeysons PSCF and PSCP lines of rugged safety chucks provide roll shaft support and torque transmission at a low cost. The maintenance-free design ensures optimal performance throughout the life of each safety chuck. Jeyson's chucks safe-guard your equipment securing the roll shaft in place during any wind/unwind operation. Our safety chucks will only open with the socket in the upright p osition. It opens and closes using compressed air. Equipped with 3 optional proximity sensors for detecting Lock, Open and Close Positions.

Available in either foot or flange mounting, these safety chucks complement Jeysons dependable line of tension control brakes and clutches, offering you a complete package with seamless installation and operation.

• Redundant safety mechanisms securely lock shaft in place
• Long, maintenance-free life
• Durable construction
• SG Iron housing
• Chrome plated shafts
• Replaceable Inserts upto 55HRC Hardness
• Available in ready-to-assemble brake packages
• Free turning precision ball bearings
• Standard and Non-Standard Shaft extensions with keyway
• Foot or flange mounting
• Inch / Metric size sockets available as standard

• Converting
• Printing
• Rubber
• Film
• Foil
• Paper
• Plastics
• Textiles
• Rope/Cable/Wire

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