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Air Engaged Friction Brakes

Jeyson's FB Series Friction brakes are air actuated, spring released and spring engaged, air released models with the following characteristics.

Torque range from 2 Nm to 33,900 Nm (18 in. lbs. - 300,000 in. lbs.)
Bore Size from 10 - 165mm (0.375 to 6.500 inches)
High heat dissipation
Straight or Tapered (QD bushing bore)
Inch and Metric models available
Self-adjusting for friction facing wear
High friction work capacity
Split friction facing for fast replacement without removing the brake from machine.

• Accurate Positioning
• Stopping / Holding
• Controlled Deceleration
• Cycling / Indexing
• Unwind Tension Control
• Tire Forming Machines
• NC Machines
• Lumber Machines
• A variety of Conveyors
• Printing Machines
• Packaging Machines
• Amusement Machines
• Flour Making Machines
• General Industry Machines
• Labor-Saving Machines.

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