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3M 1860 Surgical N95 Disposable Respirator        

Due to the recent pandemic, there is a huge demand for personal protective equipment including 3M 8210 N95 disposable Respirators. To fill the demand-supply gap, many fraudsters are selling counterfeit 3M 1860 Surgical N95 disposable respirators.

We know the importance of safety and hence have forayed into helping our huge client base to procure 100% genuine 3M 1860 Surgical N95 Respirators, direct from the importers; no mediator(s) in between, these mediator(s) just waste resources and time of every stakeholder and to earn their commission they even do not hesitate to take the Genuine Buyer to the suppliers who sells counterfeit products.


We just do not work as a sourcing agent, but we ensure a smooth transaction, securing all the stakeholder, checking and verifying the POF from Seller Side, helping the client in checking documents, and also physical verification for the genuineness of 3M 1860 Surgical Respirator.

From MOQ of 1 Lakh Pcs to whatever is your requirement for genuine 3M 1860 Surgical N95 Respirators can be supplied from Mumbai, and Dubai Warehouse. We work with only one source of supply in each city, reducing the risk of Buyers getting counterfeit products.

85% to 90% of suppliers are selling counterfeit 3M 1860 products; risking human lives.

The counterfeit suppliers are very smart, they keep very less price difference between 2% to 10% of the Genuine Price, and buyers get trapped in their net.

If you have any requirements for genuine 3M 1860 Surgical N95 disposable respirators, write back to us on or contact us on +91-9819 119925.

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